To all our valued partners and customers

Posted by Owen Nelson on Mar 25, 2020 4:46:14 PM

All businesses and families are experiencing unprecedented challenges in these tough economic times, particularly following the latest measures put in place by the Government that directly had a huge impact on the food service industry.

Like so many of our customers, we too are feeling the impact of these restrictions. Many of our scoop parlour and hospitality customers now have vastly reduced people visiting them and, in some cases, we’ve seen customers closing indefinitely. On behalf of myself and all the team at Everest, I want to say our thoughts are with you.

We’re still open for business and we’ll continue to produce our quality ice cream and support customers that are trading though this difficult period. Our Dixie cups are a priority, as we continue to see strong demand in hospitals, health care institutions and as an offer for customers switching to take-away and delivery. We’ve also increased production on our 500ml tub range to ensure you can offer your customers our wonderful product to enjoy in the comfort and safety of their homes.

We understand times are tough and our sales and customer service teams are ready and waiting to take orders and assist you with range and product recommendations to support your rapidly changing business needs.

Best Regards
Owen Nelson – CEO

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