Drum roll please. Melbourne's best ice cream parlour is...

Posted by Everest Ice Cream Guru on Jan 30, 2020 5:29:59 PM

Ice cream competition is fierce in Melbourne, so to win the crown as the Herald Sun Best Ice Cream Parlour is no small feat. BUT long-time customers Zane and Kouda at Sprinkles Ice Creamery Lollies N More have done just that, beating out some stiff competition to become the top scoop. And they've done it serving up our stellar quality ice cream with a sprinkling of good old fashioned service. We couldn't not share their story - Congrats guys! 

Zane and Kouda Assaad know a thing or two about making customers happy — the brothers grew up living and working in a milk bar for 25 years.

“The local milk bar knows everything,” Zane says.

“Customers tell you their life stories; you are a doctor, you are a counsellor, you are everything.”

After their father retired Zane and Kouda pursued careers in finance. But a couple of years ago they had a calling.

“We thought ‘why don’t we recreate the good old milk bar days for the kids of this generation?’,” Zane said.

“We wanted to bring back those simple joys from our generation, you know, when you used to ride your bike to the local milk bar.”

The pair found an old run-down milk bar in Tarneit and, on January 27 two years ago, Sprinkles Ice Creamery Lollies N More opened its doors.

This is a picture of Sprinkles ice cream parlour

“What happened after that is beyond explanation,” Zane said. “I think we served about 1000 people on our first day.”

Zane said Sprinkles – which, as its name suggests, also offers a huge range of lollies – stocked a whopping 60 flavours from high-quality Melbourne suppliers (BTW spoiler alert that's us!), with the most popular being “Rainbow, Ferrero Rocher and Rock salt Caramel”.

Zane said the brothers tried to teach staff what they had learnt growing up.

“We really care about our customers. Every single customer that comes in, you put in 100 per cent in to make their day,” he said.

This is a picture of Sprinkles Ice Creamery Lollies N More owners Zane and Kouda Assaad.

And such customer attention won over our voters.

Anni says Zane and Kouda are “just so passionate about putting smiles on everyone’s faces” while Hayley says their service “is out of this world”.

“They know my family and all our favourite colours,” Hayley says.

Rebecca said “nothing was too much” for the brothers.

“When you walk in you’re always greeted with a smile.”

Want to partner with the ice cream manufacturer behind Sprinkles success? Get in touch and one of our ice cream gurus can hook you up with rainbow or rock salt or one of the other 60+ flavours we have in our scoop range. 

Article originally posted in heraldsun.com.au. To check out the rest of the list click here 

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