Gelato flavour hits – The best sellers to fill your freezers with this summer

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Want to know what flavours Aussie customers can’t get enough of before placing your next order? We find the top flavours currently trending across the country.

Ah, the good old flavour debate. How many flavours does one venue need to have? What’s the winning combination of flavours customers will love? And where do you even start with your ranging to make sure you’re catering to every customers sweet desires.

Now we’ve stocked a few customers freezers in our time and the trick is to fill 75% of your freezer with a selection of best sellers, make sure they’re always in stock and place them front and centre in your freezer so customers don’t have to go hunting for them. Think those classic flavour favourites that customers keep coming back for – the ones that’ll fly out of your freezer scoop after scoop. But with everyone’s palate craving different flavours, having options across different flavour profiles ensures everyone will leave feeling satisfied. Make sure you cover the basics – vanilla, chocolate, caramel, something bright for the kids and then throw in a fruity water-based gelato for a refreshing, lighter option. With all the wild and wacky flavour combinations out in the market, Aussie flavour preferences are surprisingly pretty simple. In a report by Canstar Blue, vanilla was bucketed as the most popular ice cream flavour amongst Aussies, followed by chocolate.

So, what are the best selling flavour hits you need to add to your freezer? How do the flavours stack up against each other? And what makes each option a mouth-watering experience for customers? We’ve uncovered the top 5 flavours (in a tasty order) that you need to stock your freezers with this summer to ensure your customers keep coming back for more.

With vanilla being an Aussie staple, the more premium version, vanilla bean is the preferred gelato choice for customers. While some may class it as boring, the flavour is anything but. With the use of vanilla beans, this option gives customers that classic, rich vanilla flavour, but also has specs of the bean scattered throughout the smooth and creamy mixture. While it’s perfect served on its own, the staple flavour is a great side addition for all desserts, especially anything chocolate. The best thing is, vanilla bean gelato is versatile when it comes to toppings and sauces, giving you and your customers the ability to experiment with your dessert creations. Think lashings of rich, thick sauce, decadent chocolate or nut toppings or perhaps freshly cut fruits or even coulis – let your creativity loose.

This image is of Rock Salt Caramel Gelato

Second in line is the trusted caramel – but not just your standard caramel, the new and improved gourmet rock salt caramel. The sweet and salty flavour combination coupled with the crunch of the salted caramel chips is rushing out the door, in one, two and three scoop arrangements. The double taste sensation debuted in freezers back in 2008, but in recent times has grown in popularity both abroad and here on Aussie soil. Owner of Planet 72 Ice Creamery, Dallas Harch admitted the flavour was one of the best sellers in his venue thanks to its unique flavour and texture. “This [flavour] has hit the nail on the head,” he told. “It has a crunchy texture and salty flavour, with a nice smooth caramel – it is just beautiful.” The product’s creamy caramel base, has a generous scattering of rock salt chips and is completed with a salted caramel sauce drizzled throughout, making it totally irresistible for customers.

The traditional chocolate gelato comes in at a close third-place. After becoming the first ever flavour to be invented (yep, it was created before vanilla), chocolate has gone on to become an essential for every menu and ice cream parlour. Generally made with cocoa powder, which gives it its decadent brown colour, chocolate gelato can be teamed up with a vast range of fellow creamy treats and toppings. You simply can’t go past the famous vanilla and chocolate pairing. Or match chocolate with a berry gelato. Strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry - any berry your heart desires. And don’t knock it till you try it, but the sweet and sour combination of chocolate and lemon is a flavour combo that is beyond words. Or why not add some sprinkles, flakes or cookie dough, to your scoop of chocolatey goodness. Chocolate gelato allows your customers to truly show off their creativity.

This image is of rainbow gelato

Rainbow just screams childhood memories and for kids these days, there's no other option to choose apart from this old-school classic. With bright swirls of pink, blue and yellow, it’s a colourful offering that's perfect for kids or adults who are truly kids at heart. The children’s favourite can be coated with hundreds of thousands and jelly-lollies to amp up the fun in every scoop.

You can never really go wrong with Cookies & cream and now customers are beginning to jump on the tasty bandwagon and have it as their first choice. Perfect for any mood, the favourite has chunks of baked cookies in a creamy vanilla base. Served either on its own in a chocolate dipped cone or as a side component alongside a chocolate brownie, the cookies and cream gelato has become the fifth preferred choice for customers and it’s no wonder why.

The joy gelato brings to customers is like no other. Every mouthful of the delicious delight brings a big, wide smile to their faces. So, this summer, ensure you fulfill their experience every time they walk into your venue, by stocking the flavours they've been craving the whole walk (or drive) over to you.

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